Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brots?

We are a blockchain startup founded by creators, musicians, and blockchain enthusiasts who are developing a platform that allows artists to release new songs as NFT, in order to monetize and build a unique relationships with their fans.
It is our mission to give these talents a new revenue stream that will allow them to grow, develop and evolve their careers.

How does Brots work?

The Brots app is an app that allows fans to support their favorite artists and show that they've been with them since the beginning! We allow artists to release their new tracks as NFTs.

Create a magic moment: Digitalization has taken the magic out of releasing a new song since you can release it on countless platforms with just a single click.
In Brots, we want you to reclaim the emotions of that moment through an NFT release of your song. Fans will be able to purchase your limited edition song only after listening to it for the first time. 

Make it unforgettable: Through the purchase of the NFT, fans can show their love and own a limited edition of the new track.
Besides owning the digital collectible, the NFT also allows fans to make public comments on the song that will remain until the NFT is sold.
Did you discover any famous artists before they became well-known but never had to prove it? Now things are different!

Deeper connection: Furthermore, an NFT may open doors to additional benefits that you may not have been aware of prior to this point.
You'll be able to attend live music events or AMA sessions with artists as part of the Brots community. 

In what ways is the Brots platform different from other NFT platforms?

Brots offer a unique and unforgettable experience for 3 reasons:

Simplicity: the interface of our app (iOS and Android) is also designed to appeal to non-crypto users who want to experience the future of music without limits.

Innovation: In order to ensure efficiency, security and scalability, Brots is built on Ethereum's Polygon, Layer-2 network, which includes a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validation paradigm that is designed to minimize the impact on the environment.

Fun: It's a lot of fun, there are many features for users, including comments and other exclusive NFT features. Brots becomes a new way to be an artist and a fan.

How are artists selectd to release NFTs via Brots?

Independent artists will receive assistance from the Brots team once they submit the application form [Click here].  
If you represent a label, fill out the online application form [Click here] to expand opportunities for your artists.

What are the benefits of artists releasing music on Brots?

In one regard, the artists receive monetary support from sales for music projects that have suffered a major setback due to the pandemic and the strict policies that the contemporary music industry has adopted. On the other hand, they are able to stay in touch with their fans by selling their tracks in the form of NFT, an even more immersive and engaging experience.

How do I create my first NFT project?

If you contact us from our website, we will write to you to define the steps for creating your first NFT project.

Could the revenue from sale of NFTs be shared?

At the moment, you'll be able to split the proceeds from the crypto transaction between the two or more artists/professionals involved (owners of their respective wallets).
For the transactions in Euro/Dollars this is not possible yet.

Are artists allowed to release their music on other platforms?

Yes, Brots will not change the way to reach your fans.
Making NFT for Brots does not prevent you from releasing it on streaming platforms. Art is a universal medium for communication, so musical products should also be accessible to everyone. 

Wich tracks can become NFTs?

Essentially, any audio track that the artist owns and owns the rights to can become a NFT.

How do I support an artist on Brots?

Create your Brots account and view the music NFTs available on Brots or visit your favorite artist's profile.
Tap the "Buy" button to complete the transaction and support the creators.

Where do NFTs purchased on Brots get stored?

Users will be able to display and store NFTs on an account page, which is already integrated with a wallet.
The 3.0 music gallery will be constantly enhanced with limited-edition tracks from community artists.

Why should i buy NFTs on Brots?

We believe that music can unite people.
On Brots, you can create a unique connection with your favorite artists by rewriting the rules of the music industry. 
The NFT collection gives you the chance to experience your passion for music in a unique, immersive and engaging way. It is a testament to your commitment to supporting the artists and the brand. 

Could I exchange my NFTs with another user?

Definitely, and we are eager to implement the exchange feature in the app.
Users will also have the option to export NFT acquired on Brots to external wallets and sell them on other marketplaces. 

How can I create a wallet compatible with Brots?

You can create your wallet when you sign up so you can focus on the 3.0 music experience without worry. In the future, we will also allow the integration with other wallets.

Is it possible to export my NFTs to another wallet?

That's for sure. You can do it directly in your profile on the mobile app.