Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Brots?

Brots is creating the first Decentralized Record Label that enables artists to reach new fans and get the investment they need for their career directly from their fanbase.

How does it work?

Artists can create their digital assets backed as NFTs on Brots that can include exclusive music, videos, images, and even the rights of their songs. Users can easily buy them.Those assets give fans access to exclusive communities where they can connect with other fans by comparing their musical taste and artist can have a direct channel to them.

What are NFTs?

An NFT is a non-fungible token that represents ownership of a digital asset, such as a song, photo, video clip, or digital artwork.For example, an artist can release 15 NFTs containing a special remix of their song, and only 15 people in the world will ever own them at any given time. The NFTs can’t be copied or deleted. Owners can sell the NFTs and transfer ownership, and they can make money, depending on how the value of the NFTs changes over time.

Why would an artist sell NFTs?

Because you finally have the opportunity to gain independence from traditional deals by getting paid for your work directly from fans and biggest believers. We are creating a system where artists and fans can benefit mutually without relying on middlemen taking most of the profits.

How much will it cost to participate / sign-up?

Brots is free to download and use. If an artist wants to create an NFT a small fee will be charged on the transactions.