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Get your songs heard by thousands of targeted people
part of a community of music lovers. Grow organically.

Record labels are watching you.

We have
ONLY 10 seats
for this batch.
The next will be in six months.

We close this on Sunday July 11th

What you should expect:

Be in the right place.
We’ll pitch your music and stats to the best
Record Labels.

Get feedback on your music. The positive feedback will influence the Spotify Algorithm.

Skyrocket your streams organically thanks to people that will love your music.

Increase your followers on Instagram.

Get an interview published in our Blog with thousand of readers.

Advertise your music to a community of music lovers.

Brots is for you if…

You have been contacted by our Artist Manager - Lorenc Miri -through an e-mail.

You are an emerging artists who truly believe in your music and has released recently a new song or album

"Brots gives you  the tools to build a following that makes anything possible."

Lorenc Miri
- Brots

Are you an emerging artist who is struggling
with the promotion?

We understand you very well because we have been there

Not being able to reach new fans kept us awake for many nights

You spend a lot of hours in recording new songs

You think your music is great, you desire so much to make it discover to new listeners but you can’t

You know what’s the problem?

You are an artist, not a marketer. It shouldn’t be up to you to plan marketing strategies!

This is what stops you!

This is why we have created Brots.
Never stop trying. Never stop believing.
Never give up. 
Your day will come.
This is what you’ll get:

. 1h. interview with our expert team to  define your strategy

. 1 year promotion in our community with more than 3,5k music lovers that increase every month more than 55%

. Feedback on your music from all the fans of the community. They discover your music with a preview of 30’’ and rate it with a swipe

. 1 article published in our blog with more than 7k readers every month

. ADV on Instagram and Tik Tok PAID by Brots

. Connection with music professionals who are looking for new talents

With our support you’ll be able finally to focus on the most important thing: 
Creating new music

Artists with whom we have worked 

The Flying Eyes
the flying eyes
“We want to thank so much the Brots team for their constant support from day one. This is what we call SUPPORT”
Chris Baynes
chris bayne
“The most amazing thing for me was the growth of my fanbase in Europe, it’s just crazy how fast it has been and how much DM I have received on Instagram”
“Before Brots I had 430 monthly listeners and I was not able to increase my fanbase. Now I have more than 3.5k monthly listeners and it gets always better” 
brots analytics for artists
brots logo

What is Brots?

Brots is a startup that supports emerging artists worldwide. It was born with the goal to create opportunities for all the talents hidden by the streaming platforms.
In fact, Brots' goal is to become the first Social Record Label to co-invest with its community in the best artists on the platform. 

Brots has been selected in June 2021 by the Sparklabs acceleration program in Seoul, the only European startup that will participate in the most important Asian accelerator of global prestige.
rolling stone
Rolling Stone has defined Brots as the most promising startup in 2021 in the music industry. 
What our artists think about the service?
96.3% are completely satisfied
9.4 average rating of Brots
See the difference!
Result of an instagnam campaign with 100 $ budget for one month
Result of a subscription in Brots for a month with 19.90 $
340 Click on Spotify profile 
CPC (Cost per Click) 0,29 $
Total content playback 0,005%
Partial content playback 0,007%
420 Click on Spotify profile 
CPC (Cost per Click) 0,05 $
Total content playback 12%
Partial content playback 30%

Subscribe Now

19.90$ / month
**Only if you have been contacted by Brots

✅   1 month access to our community with more than 3.5k music lovers;

✅   Feedback on your music from all the members of the community;

✅   New listeners on Spotify;

✅   More followers on Instagram;

❌.  Article published in our blog
       with thousands of readers;

❌.  Connect with new music professionals.

❌.  1h. Interview with our team experts;
99.90$ / year
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✅   1 year access to our community with more than 3.5k music lovers;

✅   Feedback on your music from all the members of the community;

✅   New listeners on Spotify;

✅   More followers on Instagram;

✅   Article published in our blog with thousands of readers;

✅   Connect with new music professionals.

✅   1h. Interview with our team experts;

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, by clicking on the purchase button you will be able to choose to pay with PayPal, in addition to your card.

If I am not satisfied, can you give me a refund?

You can request a full refund within 3 months of the date of purchase. We will refund your full payment.

How can I request a refund?

Within 24h. from the payment, you will be in touch with one of our team experts. You can ask all the information directly to him/her through email/whatsapp/cell phone

Do you work with big or emerging artists?

We work only with emerging artists who are willing to work hard to succeed… and this will never happen by buying fake streams or fake followers.

Have more questions?

Contact us at any time 24/7