• Hey Anna, how are you and how does it feel to be back with new music after such a difficult period?

Hi Brots. I’m definitely ready for new music to be out. I made the album a while back now, before the pandemic, and in a way it’s been helpful to be able to process the songs even more before releasing them, but I usually always want to release music as soon as it’s recorded. I’ve been very emotional these past two years since making the album though, so in that sense it’s been necessary to also have a bit of distance to the songs and have space to land before going on tour and promoting.

  • Anxiety is a state of soul that paralyzes us: you used it as a strong point to inspire yourself and write the songs that composed the album "I've felt all these things"...how much did you have to pull out of your demons to compose this record?

All of them I think. Making this album has been a real rollercoaster. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve done. But also healing and comforting. It’s very focused on my own mental struggles so in that sense making it has been very taxing. My songwriting has always been about speaking the truth and coming to terms with it, every song on the record draws from that place.


  • The pandemic has confronted us with our own demons: this record is largely about that too. Which one is the song on the record that tells the climax of suffering and why?

“Love You Now” feels very dark to me. It’s like I don’t believe the title. I wouldn’t say it’s the climax of suffering per say cause all the songs have that in them, but this one feels the most dark. Not just the lyrics but that darkness is reflected in the production as well. We talked about that in the studio, the fact that it had this very heavy feel to it.

  • … and the one that most reminds yourself that there is always hope?

Definitely the last song of the album, “All That I Ever Did”. There’s a release at the end of that song, it feels hopeful. It was very important to me that I ended the album on a hopeful note, that’s why I put it as the last track.

  • You came out with the single "Remember" and you talk about responsibility. How heavy is carrying the weight of someone else's responsibility on you all the time?

For me it’s more like the responsibility you have towards yourself and others. Thinking about what I owe to others and what I owe to myself. To make the best choices you can in this life and to hold yourself accountable in doing that.

  • I noticed that in the album the production is always very moderate and minimal: how much work goes into subtracting and having sounds that lay you bare?

We had many conversations around how much space production was going to take up and how to add to the essence of the songs without them getting lost in the sound world. It’s a very delicate balance, especially for these songs cause they either worked or didn’t at all, there was no real middle ground. Paul Butler, who produced the album, put in a lot of work making sure every sound beautifully complimented the voice and songwriting. Dave Cerminara on mixing and Adam Ayan on mastering also played an important part in that.

  • What do you think about Italian music? Would you like to visit our country and maybe perform here?

My mom spent a lot of time in Italy when she was younger. She speaks the language and has many stories from there so in that sense it feels like Italy has been an influence in our family! She loves Laura Pausini so I’ve heard a lot of her music growing up. I went to Italy for the first time this year to shoot the “Still I Wait” acoustic session and I would love to go back.