• Hello and welcome to Brots! how are you feeling right now? 

Hey, thanks for having me. I'm good thank you 

  • When I listen to artists like you, with such a deep urgency to communicate, I sense the fire you have inside. How strong is it, and how do you channel it? 

Haha yeah i think i'm quite a deep and emotional person and can be fiery.. I think that's how a lot of musicians and artists feel and that's why most of them become obsessed with what they do because it's such an intense feeling that consumes you and you both channel it into and get it from music.

  • Your album starts from a word as powerful as it is important: "Change". I associate it with another beautiful word: "vulnerability." Do you believe that the way to change is to become vulnerable? 

I think being vulnerable definitely leads to change. It has in my experience. I'm not sure whether you have to be vulnerable to change but i guess you have to be pretty introspective - which i guess in itself is vulnerable to yourself

  • I'll start by talking about "Change"...when did you write it and what were you feeling at that exact moment? 

It actually started as a simple vocal and synth idea towards the end of the first lockdown. It was the first enforced period of calm i'd had in my life and i guess that created a lot of space to think and decompress from the previous hectic years. The line 'Could you want more? Make it all stop, a pause' came to me, which obviously mirrored that situation - i think though it mirrors it in a way of being grateful for what i did have rather than frustrated at what had been taken away. 

  • We notice your interest in electronic music: can you tell us when this love was born? 

Yeah I've always had a big interest in electronic music. I studied music tech at university and a lot of those years were spent studying and listening to electronic music from right at its start in the early 1900's and i found it really fascinating. I've always had a deep love especially with more alternative experimental electronic artists like Burial, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin - I love the idea of manipulating sound and pushing the boundaries of what it can do and what is considered music. 

  • One thing I find really really cool is that there are instrumental tracks: the first is to value the sound which is sacrosanct, but the second is even more exciting: people will always be able to sing along to your songs and vent. How does that make you feel? 

Haha yeah i guess i didn't think of it in that second way - that's cool. We decided to release them as instrumentals alongside the originals because they were mainly created as instrumentals with lyrics added on towards the end so it's nice to showcase both versions. But yeah i like the idea of people being able to put their own emotion into it if they want to sing along. 

  • You were unable to perform because of the pandemic: how full of energy are you now?

Yeah it feels like it's still taking a while to get back to normal but we did a small run in the UK last month which was amazing. I'm currently in the middle of making my third album so i'm really excited to tour that properly next year when hopefully everything is back to how it was pre-pandemic and we can get across to mainland Europe again.