What’s a release party?

With Brots, we are creating a new experience between artists and their fans at the moment when a new song is released. We believe that digitalization has taken the magic out of releasing a song, and the fans do not have a say in that. We want you to reclaim those emotions through an immersive experience between artists and fans made possible by NFT drops.
Release Party Brots


There are five easy steps to the release party.  

1 - New release announced.

New releases will be shown on the discover page, along with a countdown indicating when the song will be released for the first time online;

2 - Enjoy exclusive content.

If you can't wait for the release, you can still access the artists' video Stories
that provides additional details about their upcoming song;

3 - Enjoy the party.

When the countdown is over, the magic begins. You can finally buy  the NFT and collect it in your wallet. 

4 - Listen to the song for the first time.

as soon as the NFT is in your profile, you can listen to it;

5 - Put your own stamp on the song.

 It will be possible to leave comments only for those who purchase the NFT.
The comments will stay until you sell the NFT.
You can choose in which second you want to release the comments and give the artists your feelings. 
We'd love to hear from you about new ideas you have that can make our app better.
Send us an email at info@brots.cloud or join our discord channel
Thank you very much, team Brots.